Thursday, October 25, 2012

Quick and dirty

I haven't felt like updating because there's a lot of complicated stuff going on, but here's the gist.

It doesn't take up to 6 weeks for the shunt to clot off. Don't know where I got that from. It should have clotted by now, but the lovenox (blood thinner) is preventing it. So the o2 sats are lower because the de-oxygenated blood is leaking around the shunt.

Also, his lungs are full of crap, and partially collapsed. That's not the real term, but I'm too tired to type out alveoli and the explanation. So his sats are low bc his lungs aren't fully inflated. We're trying to get him up and out of bed and moving as much as possible.

Next, Dr Rome, or Mr doom and gloom as I now call him, wanted to take Caelen back to cath lab tomorrow and fix the leakage. I said no. I asked for the weekend to try and make Caelen stronger. So that's the plan for early next week, back to cath. Ugh.

He has a blood clot from the picc line, so he's going back to IR tomorrow to get the old one out and place a new one. Hence the blood thinners, but the lovenox is on hold for a few days to try and make the shunt clot.

Now you see why I didn't post. Too much gloom to type out. BUT, we got our first smiles out of Caelen yesterday and lots more today. So that to me trumps all the crap. Dad flew home today and my sister Jen just arrived. So plenty of chaos will continue.

Prayers, please keep saying them. I think the biggest issue now is the lungs, we've gotta get them back up and open. The shunt needs to clot, and the the clot in his arm needs to dissolve. Quite the conundrum. But he's still extubated, so small miracles.

Alright, bed time.



  1. Hi Katye, Thank you for posting, we have been thinking of you guys and wondering how things were. Yes, small miracles. Happy you got to see some smiles! Prayers continue-- Jamie, Brian and the super sisters

  2. Praying for Caelen to continue fighting hard like he has...and for his family to continue with unwavering strength by his side. Love, The Moreys

  3. We are praying and we are not gonna stop, Heal the little fighter
    and give strength to you. So much love and healing prayers are coming to Caelen from all of us.

  4. Praying, praying - in thanks for the small miracles, and asking for the big ones! Thank you for the updates - M.

  5. Just left the Naval Academy Chapel, I sent up some big prayers for Caelen to heal and Mom and Dad to be strong.