Sunday, October 7, 2012

1 chest tube down

Caelen got his original chest tube from the fontan out this morning and didn't even flinch. He still has the 2 side chest tubes (pigtails) that are draining quite a bit. Dr Spray came in this morning to check on Caelen (isn't he amazing) and said that he is sending Caelen back to cath lab tomorrow because he thinks Caelens fenestration closed, and if so, he needs to open it. If it is closed, that would explain the excess drainage.

Obviously we want anything that will help Caelen heal, but I hate that he has to go back under anesthesia and intubation again. Caelens vocal cords are swollen and he can't swallow water and juice right now because he is aspirating. So I'm scared of losing ground on the progress we've made with feeding and drinking. But on the bright side, he did take 5 bites of applesauce eagerly this morning, so that was excellent to watch. Once his stomach starts getting more food thru the tube, then we can try more solids.

In the meantime, Caelen has taken more steps today and we are working towards more PT each day. Caelen is talking more and expressing more as the meds are coming off.

Thank you again and please pray for these damn effusions to stop. We really don't want to go back to the OR again.



  1. We'll be praying that all goes well in the cath lab tomorrow and that it won't set him back at all. He's made such wonderful progress! Go Caelen go!

  2. Ditto what sandy said-- I am so happy to hear of his progress, hate to hear about another trip to the cath. Lab, but he has made some amazing strides-- one more step on the way closer to home. Go caelen!

  3. Holy Hallejuia for the progress!! Go Caelen!! Great to hear about more steps and PT, I think if it's something as small as opening the fenestration back up, better that than the OR at this point. Hopefully you get answers tomorrow and the progress keep moving in the right direction!!

    As always, prayers up!!
    Tons of love,
    Lori, Rosie, Drew, Lee & Shea

  4. spent some time in church today....praying all the while for Caelen to heal and Strength for Mom and Dad. Keep moving forward

  5. Praying Caelen keeps moving forward! May God Bless Caelen, his family, and all the doctors and nurses. Go Caelen Go!