Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hanging out

We're still just hanging out in the ICU. No big changes this weekend, just a few minor ones. Caelen's heart rate and respiratory rate are increased and the docs aren't sure why. They did another echo to look at the fluid around his heart and said it hasn't increased and its not the culprit. His lungs are still wet and that could be what's contributing to the rapid breathing. He's also coming down with something, I hope it's just a cold. He has been downright cranky the last few days but perked up this afternoon.

So overall we're really just hanging out waiting for the chest tubes to stop draining. They put out less than 3 ounces yesterday which is a huge improvement. So hopefully the effusions will stop soon. I'd love to get these chest tubes out so he can get up more and be more comfortable.

Praying that the docs can figure out this heart rate and respiratory rate thing soon.



  1. Stinkin' germs. Didn't they all get the memo?!!!

    Here's to hoping for an event free, positively progressive and joyous week!! Dry out lungs!!!

    Sending our LOVE!!
    Lori, Rosie, Drew, Lee & Shea

  2. We are still praying for healing for Caelen. you both are in our thoughts daily. HEAL!!!!!