Thursday, October 18, 2012

He's back

It was a long double process. Basically the plug that they used to occlude the fontan wasn't enough to block the blood flow, so they put in 20 platinum coils to block it and block off the fontan.

The good news is he's back in his room and we are seeing him for the first time since 2:00 pm. He's puffy but that's to be expected. He still has to recover now from this surgery, so here we go again.

The downside is that Caelen is most likely not a candidate to try the Fontan again. So heart transplant is going to be the next option. But that's not in our near future. So for right now, Caelen made it past this hurdle and I couldn't be happier.

Thank you all and please keep praying.



  1. My heart is breaking for all Caelen has been through. Theres no way to know all you have endured. Please stay strong Caelen needs the best Mommy in the world! We will beging double
    time praying and healing to come to Caelen.
    Heal and come home!!

  2. Kayte, I don't know you, but I've been following all of your posts, we are sending lots of prayers from Calgary. From my family to yours! Hang in there, you have an amazing little boy!

  3. Katye, we've not had the pleasure of meeting. Sorry we missed the wedding. Clearly you are a remarkable woman. Your ability to share this journey with us is an inspiration. I trust that Caelen is in good hands, he clearly has the most amazing parents. Stay strong. We are all praying for your little boy. - Truby's wife, Becky.

  4. So thankful the cath is over! Wow, what a process! So glad they were able to find way to block the fontan. Many prayers that the next few days go smoothly and that Caelen starts to bounce back quickly.

  5. Oh Katye, this is so hard, and you all must be exhausted. I am asking that my prayers serve as boosting power to lift the very specific prayers by those who are closest to Caelen right now, those who know, specifically, what to ask for. I pray that you feel the strength in those prayers being sent up on your behalf, stretching across this great land from Canada to south Alabama. I pray that even though they said he isn't a candidate for the Fontan, that God provides a way for Caelen to be well, to be healthy and strong enough to go home and live a full life. I pray you all get some much needed rest... sending you virtual Carys-style choke-hold hugs...

    1. Aunt Gabby,
      2 years later, your words again bring tears to my eyes. Caelen is well, for now he's healthy and strong, he's home where he belongs and he's living a fuller life than I ever imagined. Thank you for praying for him back then. Your little Macsen is always in our prayers, and I know that he will grow up big and strong and mighty, and have an even bigger love for Disney Cars than Caelen :)

  6. So glad to hear is out of surgery, now he is going to heal, gain strength and you will all be comforted! We are friends of the Miller's and we have been praying so hard for your little fighter and you all as well and we declare a victory for Calen! He is going to surprise us all and walk out of that hospital!! Believe it, name it claim it as it says in the bible! I look forward to hearing all the good news of his progress on your blog! God Bless you all and continue to be strong for one another and know that God is fighting this battle for your son now and he always wins!! Have a great weekend and a speedy recovery Calen!! We love you, from Alabama!!!!!!

  7. He is greatly loved and will be here with you for many moons :)