Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Caelen extubated last night and is on hi flow oxygen. His sats are still in the low 70's but he's not a blueberry anymore, and he's de-puffed by half! Literally, it's a night and day difference. He peed out almost a liter last night.

Aside from tweaking of meds, Caelen is doing well today. Much more comfortable. The plan is slowly wean his hi flow oxygen to regular oxygen and then off. His lungs are still wet so we have a lot of work to do on them. But hey, he's extubated!!!

Dr Spray stopped by and checked on him. I guess he's the one that made the call to take down fontan immediately last week. Did I mention that he was in China last week? He was following Caelen and a few others daily. I love this man. He also said not to give up on the fontan yet. Caelen's lungs need to get bigger and stronger before we look at anything in the future. But he said don't give up yet.
Again, I love this man.

Please say extra prayers for our new friend George today. He's in the OR now and needs all the prayers he can get. Say a prayer for his mom Julie too. She's here alone for the time being until family comes back from Minneapolis, and she's dealing with things none of us would ever want to.

Thank you :)


  1. I am so glad Caelen is more comfortable and healing! We are praying so much for him and all his little heart friends! Healing thoughts and prayers continue..................stay
    strong and know we are praying for you too......keep being a
    loving strong Mom!!

  2. So happy about his progress. Just added little George and his mom to my prayer list!