Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Working on insurance

The wheels are in motion to get us out of here tomorrow. Phone calls are going back and forth trying to convince insurance to pay for the new crazy expensive drugs: tpa, dornase, bosentan and hydrotonic saline. As well as a chest percussion vest.

But aside from all of this, Caelen is doing great. He's running around the CCU and getting plenty of time in the playroom. He's loving naked hall time at the end of the day too. He likes to run out of the room while I'm getting bath ready, which also happens to be the same time as shift change, giving him quite the audience. Hey, whatever it takes to keep him happy right now.

The only trouble we are having is blood draws. Caelen's blood is very thick and tough to get. Poor guy has been stuck every day. He will also need monthly blood draws for the new medication to check liver levels. Ugh. But whatever keeps us out of here.

I'll have a better idea tonight of whether we get out of here tomorrow or not. It's only insurance approval that's holding us up.

So, until tonight, hope everyone is having a great day.


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