Saturday, January 19, 2013

Chillin at CHOP

Caelen is doing really well considering that he has plastic bronchitis. His lungs look terrible on X-ray, but they sound clear and his sats are good. His lungs are wet though, so he was given a 1 time dose of extra diuretic to help with that, then we'll go from there.

He's getting a lot of breathing treatments and chest pt, including using a vest that inflates and "beats" on his chest. It doesn't hurt, I promise. He'll be getting one for home too.

So the downside to a holiday weekend hospital visit is that insurance companies aren't open to approve his new meds for home use. They are crazy expensive. But at $2,000 per day just to be here, it's cheaper to go home. So on Tuesday the cases manager will be making calls to get our meds approved for home. And if she can get all of the approvals, we should be able to go home Wednesday.

In the meantime, it give the docs 3 days to watch Caelen. Overall, they are happy with how he looks. And he's playing, a lot. I'm trying to finish this from the playroom, but it's hard typing and chasing Caelen with the oxygen too. Lol. To no ones surprise, he found a wagon and we are taking turns cruising, although we're limited with where we can go now, and playing in the playroom.

So I guess that it's for now. I'll update again tomorrow. Thanks for all of the well wishes and prayers :)


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  1. Big prayers sent from our church! Tell Caelen that the Ravens are going to the superbowl! Hope he is hanging tough! Go away plastic bronchitis!!!!!