Friday, June 21, 2013

Quick trip back to CHOP

Caelen got a cold last week and developed a cast that I just couldn't get out, even with all my super power breathing treatments. So we came up to CHOP yesterday and were admitted. He got pieces of it up yesterday in X-ray when he vomited all over himself and the table, so hey, whatever it takes to get it out. 

He had a good night after that and we are getting some tunes ups today. Aggressive breathing treatments and chest pt, along with a repeat ultrasound to monitor his blood clots, and a small procedure tonight to clip a popped sternum wire that is protruding and irritating Caelen. After the procedure he'll get IV antibiotics for 24 hrs and then hopefully home on Sunday, pending his breathing and the casts. 

Aside from all of the medical stuff, Caelen is very happy and we've been in the playroom most of the morning. We even got permission to go downstairs so I could get some tea. He was happiest cruising in the wagon and in the elevator, but not stopping for me to buy my tea. So I know he's feeling better :)

He even got in some music therapy class this morning with Miss Sarah. He banged on drum and strummed her guitar. 

I'll update later on tonight after the procedure and hopefully the ultrasound. 

Katye & Caelen

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