Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weston update

Here's the most recent update from Weston's mom:


Just a quick update-Weston's g-tube, cath, and nose cauterization went well. They were able to extubate after cath and the doctor let us peek at Weston while he was being wheeled into his room. We have been getting him settled. He is in quite a bit of pain so they are working on managing it and keeping him quiet for the rest of the day. He is very angry that he can't eat or drink until tomorrow so we will see how this goes. We heard some numbers but we are waiting to see Dr. Hanna for the final report. Thank you all for praying for him this morning. Adam Keeton and I were so uplifted seeing all of the folks sharing about Weston. We love you all!

Thanks to all for praying for our heart friend.  Please continue to keep Weston and his family in your prayers.

Love, Katye

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