Sunday, February 20, 2011

Home Again

In what has to be our fastest hospital trip yet, we were discharged yesterday morning, before noon! Caelen did great with the cath and in his recovery. We stayed the night Friday for observation and his numbers were great.

We still haven't talked to our cardiologist to get her read on the cath findings, and in all liklihood won't reach her till Tuesday. But overall, the consensus was that Caelen is doing great. Everyone we encountered from cardiology down to the nurses all said the same thing, He is a big boy! The recommendation is for GI to reduce Caelen's feeds, and we are hoping that they listen this time. We have been saying for quite a while now that Caelen has gotten too big, too fast, but GI is never willing to reduce his daily intake. He has gained 7 pounds in the almost 7 months that we have been home. Our hope is that now that so many involved in Caelen's care have expressed concern, we can lower his daily volume, and perhaps even reduce some of the diuretics. We are thinking that maybe Caelen's reliance on such a heavy diuretic load could be due in part to the large volume of feeds he is getting per day.

I also need to reach pulmonary on Tuesday and schedule a follow up. The cath Dr. found no single main reason why Caelen is still reliant upon his 02, but there can be multiple smaller reasons for the continued oxygen. In general though, everyone feels that Caelen will outgrow the oxygen dependency.

He did well last night at home and had a good day today. We think he may have picked up a little bug or cold while he was in the hospital, but it isn't affecting him too bad. Probably just another upper resp infection.

Thank you all again for your continued support, love and prayers. They worked and we got Caelen home healthy, and very quickly this time :)

Katye, Martin & Caelen

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  1. So happy to hear the good news! Love you guys. Sending love and prayers always.