Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cath update

Hi again, I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since I updated.  Sorry about that.  There's been lots going on as we prepare for Caelen's cath on Friday morning.  It took us until the end of last week to confirm the cath date, then we learned last Friday night that Caelen needed blood work done prior to the cath.  So we did that Monday, which did not go well for either Caelen or me.  I left the blood draw in a hurry because I just wanted to cry after having to hold Caelen down while the blood was taken.  He was crying harder than I have ever seen him cry, and he turned all shades of purple.  It was quite scary actually, I am NOT looking forward to being admitted tomorrow afternoon and the hospital needing not only an IV, but more blood.  I may drink, a lot, prior to the admission. 

My Dad came up for a visit on Monday and we dropped him back off at the airport today.  It was a quick trip, but we were so excited to have him for the few days we did.  I think Dad was way more excited to see Caelen than me, but that's ok, after all, Caelen is the first grandchild ;)  Caelen liked his visit with Papa (as he is now named by Lily, Caelen's cousin), but was a little skiddish at first.  Papa has 2 decibel levels: loud and even louder.  But Caelen loved Papa's attention and funny faces. 

While Dad was here, he tried desperately to get Caelen to eat food.  He puts everything but food in his mouth, including soapy bath water. 
But we did try the baby food. 
Hence the soapy water.  Here's a few more fun shots from Dad's visit...

This last one is me trying to convince Caelen to put his feet down in his car and come towards me.  He did the opposite, of course, lol.
Martin's parents are coming up tomorrow, then my Mom is supposed to be visiting some time next week.  So I think Caelen will get lots of love and attention in the near future.

For now, we are just trying to get ready to check-in the hospital tomorrow.  The cath is scheduled for first case, somewhere @ 8:30.  We hope to be done by noon or somewhere shortly after that.  The results are instant and we'll have a much clearer picture of how Caelen's heart is doing and about how much longer we can wait until the 3rd surgery.  I'll do my best to update Friday from the hospital.  Caelen will be spending Friday night in the CICU for observation, and best case scenario, we could be discharged as early as Saturday.  I have a much better feeling going into this procedure than I previously did, so I am hopeful that this will be a quick trip.

Please keep Caelen in your prayers as we check-in tomorrow, and of course on Friday during the cath.  Thank you all for keeping us in your thoughts.

Katye, Martin & Caelen


  1. Mr C will be great! All our love to you all....

  2. Love all the new pictures! Caelen looks great!!! We'll be thinking about you guys tomorrow. Praying for a super quick visit!!!


  3. Hi Gorman Family,
    Praying for a very quick trip for you, that the cath. goes well, and that the cath. results bring good news.
    With Love,
    Jamie, Brian, and newly one-year old Madeleine Faith

  4. Hey you guys,

    These pictures make me so happy! He looks amazing and to see his smiling face is such a delight. I feel your pain with having to hold them down during any procedure. Rosie had the same reaction to an echo the last time we were in. I think they have a pretty sharp memory for their lengthy stays. And even though everyone there is amazing and they love them, it's still pretty terrifying.

    Hope all goes well. I'll be thinking and praying for you all.

    All our love,
    Lori, Rosie, Lee & Shea