Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Caelen gets a haircut

We were scheduled to go to Rolly Pollies today at noon, but Caelen took it upon himself to adjust our schedule.  We were actually going to be somewhere on time, then he threw up all over his clothes, forcing me to do a quick clean up, then try to head out the door again.  As I was coming back downstairs with another outfit, he removed his cannula from his face (it was taped) and was now crying.  So then I had to go back upstairs and get the adhesive remover.  Got that squared away, now it's time to get the cannula back on the quickly cleaned (but still kinda stinky) kid and get to class.  Now he doesn't want anything to do with the cannula going back on his face and proceeded to throw a fit, cry and change colors.  So, I gave up the notion that we were going to class today and instead we headed to pigtails and crew cuts, the children's hair salon here in town. 

All started well, he was laughing watching the other kids, he even liked sitting in the fire engine chair.  Did ok when the smock went on, and then the scissors came out.  I had removed his oxygen at this point b/c I didn't want the cannula to get accidentally cut, (it's not like I carry extra of those with me but maybe I should), and I wished that I could have put it back on at that very moment.  The waterworks started, he held his breath, tears and snot were running down his face, along with LOTS of hair.  I guess I didn't realize how much hair he had.  It's probably a little too short, but the stylist was trying to get the cut done as quickly as possible so we could calm him down.  He still looks cute, but I already miss his hair.  Here's the pics.

You can clearly see in this last picture how displeased he was with me, but he forgave me as soon as we got home.

We've had lots of firsts since my last post.  Last week he rolled over from his back to his stomach and got stuck.  Tears ensued.  He can now scoot in a circle and even scoot a few feet off his original position.  Just yesterday he stacked 5 rings on a toy all by himself and today he reached into a toy called "what's inside" and pulled the toys out.  This was a challenge for him b/c he couldn't figure out how to get his hand in the box and pull the toy out thru the small opening at the top.  His therapy sessions are going well and he is trying to make more noises.  I have a feeling that life is going to get a little more hectic very soon as he starts becoming more mobile and verbal. 

Our next cardiac cath is "tentatively" scheduled for February 18th.  We're just waiting on confirmation from the hospital.  It's a Friday and its also President's Day weekend.  So my fear is that we aren't going to be in the hospital for an overnight, rather we're gonna get stuck all darn weekend for "observation."  But I'll post an update once I know more details about the cath. 

Last but not least, here's a cute picture I took of Martin & Caelen on Saturday at Martin's new Ledo store in Millersville.  It's under construction, so excuse the mess, lol.

We hope everyone has a great week!  Love, Katye, Martin & Caelen

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