Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Casting on anniversaries

I sometimes hate that I'm a night owl. That's when I'm most creative and at the same time, most reflective. There's been a lot on my mind lately with Caelen catching a cold and it turning into casting in his lungs. 

The last two nights have been really hard with the casting, coming off of two rough tights with the cold/fever.  But last night was particularly rough, with me up all night giving Caelen breathing treatments and chest pt. I prayed to everyone up there: God, Jesus, Mother Mary, St Madeline Cope, St Jude. And then of course to our regulars: Aunt Marlene, Uncle Mike, Weston, James and all of our angels up in Heaven, please help Caelen clear this cast safely. Please make the casts stop. Please stop this awful disease.  It was a long night, but he got through. And this morning he was his usual chipper self. 

The day progressed and he was still casting. I was in contact with CHOP and we decided to start a short dose steroid.  Then I prayed again, and then the tears flowed. It was probably the lack of sleep compounded with the worry that we were going to have to go inpatient down in Miami. Then a friend texted that "Caelen will be fine."  This friend does't really understand Caelen or our situation, and I got really upset at such a dismissive remark when my child was so sick.  But then something happened. The rain and thunder came and I told Caelen we were leaving.  So off we went in the rain, and we got the meds, and we ran errands, and I kept C mobile all day. I was trying every which way to clear that cast.

All the while, I was aware that today (well yesterday) was the first anniversary of Uncle Mike's passing. 

Tonight at bedtime, Caelen's sats miraculously improved. I'm sure the steroid and breathing treatments helped, but as we said our prayers, there was extra emphasis for Uncle Mike and Aunt Marlene and Weston. I prayed so hard last night that they please help Caelen, and felt so defeated when he didn't improve. But now I realize that they were listening, all of them, helping throughout the night and day, drying my tears and calming my fears.  They were right, Caelen will be fine. And he's got guardian angels protecting him.  

Thank you Uncle Mike, Aunt Marlene, Weston and all of our guardian angels in Heaven. 


Katye & Caelen

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