Thursday, May 29, 2014

New home!!!

I am really excited to share that Caelen and I have moved into our new house! Like, over the moon excited!!!!  It's in Jupiter and is absolutely perfect for Caelen and I. We are a mile from my sister Jennifer, close to the beach and really close to C's pediatrician and therapies.  It's in a great little neighborhood with lots of kids and it has a very tropical feel.  The home is a 3 bed, 2.5 bath with a little courtyard in the back that I simply love. There is a front room that I've converted into Caelen's playroom, and it's awesome! Now, every single toy of his is now on display and out of boxes. Caelen gets his own room where he has a desk for school, his art on the walls, and his insane Disney Cars collection all in one place. 

This new home is also a place for us to start over again. It's a place for Caelen to live and thrive and grow, and a place for us to have a chance at normal life before the ugly face of CHD rears it's head, and calls us back to Philly. This home is Caelen's and my window to be peacefully happy before his heart fails. We are having fun everyday and making the most of them, doing the best we can to just be happy and healthy and do what's best for Caelen, until the time comes for transplant and the move to Philly becomes reality. But until then, we are going to enjoy our new home and find fun things to do each day.

I must say that Caelen and I are very blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing and caring friends.  But there is one in particular that I have an enormous amount of love and gratitude for, and that's Morgan Carpenter. She is my best friend in the world, and the single person I can't live without (next to C).  Morgan is a contractor by trade with Firstwater Building and Design in Boca, and she organized the whole renovation on my house, from 45 miles away.  She reached out to every one of her vendors and called in favors to give C and I the beautiful, clean home we are in today. This was no easy task, but every sub that worked on our house went above and beyond to help Caelen and I, and in the end, we are incredibly lucky and thankful to be here. 

But I can't start anywhere without bowing down to Morgan's husband Jason Carpenter. Without him we'd be nowhere. He was with me from demo through 10 weeks of construction, all on his days off. Between Morgan and Jason, I am eternally grateful for their friendship, and I can never repay either of them for all that they've done for Caelen and I. They are the epitome of love and true friends. Thank you both :)

So now it's time for my ❤️❤️ Thank You's.  I literally can't say enough thank you's to everyone that helped us out, we would never have been able to do this renovation without the awesome work of everyone below:

  • Gary with Bath and Kitchen Creations
  • Kyle with Building Art
  • Pete from Stonemasters
  • Roy from Sebastian Paint
  • Kyle from Rob Flo Porcelain
  • Bill from Marblelife
  • Vivi from Napoli Granite
  • Troy from Quality First A/C
  • Dave from FL Builder Appliances
  • Brad and Erik from Carpet Vault
  • Rex from R & R Electric
Thank each and every one of you for your amazing work on our home. This is more than just a house for Caelen and I, this is our chance to have love, happiness and fun before the inevitable storm. 

With much love and gratitude,

Katye & Caelen


  1. Beautiful Home, Katye! I hope you and Caelen have much happiness there! Love, Mary

  2. Cheers to you and Caelen and starting over in your amazing home!

  3. Oh, my, Katie...southern Florida? Well, well, I DO travel there, me your address and next time I go I will be in touch! Beautiful home!!