Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Our year in review

Happy 2014!!!
What a year it's been! We started off with plastic bronchitis ruling our life and commanding many ER and hospital visits, let us not forget the helicopter ride:  Sorry Jordan Laycook for waking you, and sorry to the Hargroves for an impolite   ER passing, lol. 

But we had many more ups this year than down. Caelen fought hard against his plastic bronchitis, and me, and he's doing much better. As we sit, it's been a little over 2 months since he's had a cast.

He's adjusted really well to living in FL with his cousins and aunt and uncle, not to mention their 2 dogs that he loves to ride as if they were horses. He's ornery and argumentative, but smart and funny. The perfect dichotomy of a toddler. I love this kid. He tells me he loves me, but tells me stop singing (that hasn't changed).  He'll still a snuggle bug, so I hope that continues. He is the monkey that wakes me, the bratty toddler that tells me to go to sleep, and the light that keeps me going. 

We went to Disney and Epcot and Caelen had a blast.  He sat on Santas lap, that did NOT go well, but he did get everything he wanted for Christmas. 

Speaking of, this was the first year that Caelen finally "got" Christmas. Oh my goodnes. We've created a monster. He kept asking for more presents. In fact he keeps asking for more presents. This kid keeps me laughing every day. 

I know I'm redundant in thanking everyone, but seriously, Thank you everyone. With friends like Weston and Khloe still in the hospital, we pray for them daily, but we thank God that we are home today. 

We remember all too well what hospital life is like, so as you say a prayer for us, please also remember our ❤️ Heart friends. 

Many blessings for all of you in 2014!

Katye & Caelen


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