Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Home - Florida!!!

We've had a lot going on in the last few months.  My sister Kelly got married in FL in September and Caelen was the ring bearer. ( I'm still waiting on pics from the photographer, so when they eventually become available, I'll share them here.)

Then when we got back to MD, Caelen had to go back to CHOP for 8 days to transition off of his lovenox, which was a blood thinning shot that he got twice a day, and onto Coumadin.  It took a little longer to get his INR levels right, but now we're done with the shots, thank God, and he just has to get stuck once a month to monitor his levels.  Once we got discharged, we had a week before the movers came to pack us up and move us to Florida.  The movers came on the 25th and Dad drove us home on the 26th.  Unfortunately, Caelen casted the whole drive, which was not fun, but he got them out and we arrived at my sister's home on Sunday afternoon.  Thankfully, he's been healthy and cast free since we arrived.

October was quite the whirlwind month for Caelen and I.  But we made it to FL just in time for Halloween and Caelen had a great time trick or treating with his cousins Lily and baby James.  He walked most of the night, and took a few breaks to ride in the wagon, but I was so proud of him for wearing his Planes costume and holding his treat bucket and asking for candy, and saying please and thank you.  What a difference a year makes when Caelen was riding the wagon in the CICU in his homemade Gabba costume (thanks Aunt Jen).

We're busy trying to get unpacked and settled into my sister and brother-in-law's house, where we'll stay for a while before we find a place of our own.  I'm in the process of enrolling Caelen into the special education program down here, as well as meeting new doctors and trying to find therapists.  But we did squeeze in some fun stuff this weekend.  Saturday was the Italian Festival in Jupiter and Jen, Noah and the kids and I all went.  Lots of food, way too much food in fact, but we all had a great time.  Caelen "won" a blow up sponge bob toy that he hasn't put down all week.  Lily rode the rides and James just chilled in his stroller.

Saturday afternoon Caelen took Lily for a cruise in his blue powerwheels, and that was an experience.  Caelen is becoming a pretty good driver, but when it was Lily's turn, she almost ran over Caelen.  But it was her first time driving, so we'll forgive her for that.

Sunday we all went to the green market in Palm Beach Gardens and sampled lots more food.  I bought too much produce that spoiled, note to self: just stick to the pastries and breads, the fresh produce wasn't so fresh.  Lily danced to the live music and Caelen walked around looking at all of the vegetables, not understanding why there were no toy cars to be bought there.  There was a also a firefighter fundraiser going on, and Caelen got to sit in a firetruck, the definite high-lite of his week!

We're looking forward to the next phase in our lives here in FL.  I'm sure we have lots of fun adventures ahead of here with friends and family, and I'll post updates when I remember.

And I need to say a huge thank you to my mom for flying up to help Caelen and I our last week in MD, my Dad for flying up to drive us home, and Jen and Noah for taking Caelen and I (and all of our crap) into their home, and giving us some time to get settled and look for a place of our own. Thank you to all of our friends in MD that helped us get here, and everyone that has prayed and keeps praying for us.  It's been a long year, but I'm excited for Caelen to grow and excel and get a chance at health and a more normal life.  Thank you all :)

Love, Katye and Caelen

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  1. So happy you guys are in the sunshine now - living it up. We love you and hope this move marks the start of awesome times for you and Caelen.