Sunday, July 14, 2013

Birthday Wish

It's my birthday, and I realize that this blog is dedicated to Caelen, but I wanted to take a moment and share my birthday wishes with you.  I feel like since my wishes have been pretty public this year, it's not bad luck to share what I'm asking for.  They're pretty simple, and I ask that you wish with me.

  1. I wish for Caelen's good health and a long and happy life.
  2. I wish for Weston Keeton's Gift of Life - his double lung and heart transplant, FAST. 
That's it, 2 wishes.  Seems simple enough...Anyone that wants to wish with me, please say 2 extra prayers today.  And fun fact, Weston's mom Julie Keeton has the same birthday as me.  Pretty damn cool that we were put in each other's path.  

And a bit of good news on the Caelen front...actually awesome news...we were approved by an amazing charity called First Hand Foundation to purchase an FAA approved POC (portable oxygen concentrator)!!  This is the device that anyone traveling with oxygen must have to fly, both commercial and private (or take a train, etc).  To us, this device means freedom.  This is what Caelen must have to fly from MD to FL, and FL to CHOP, and anywhere else that we may be lucky enough to travel.  I just got the news and I can't begin to tell you how Blessed how I feel.  And I really owe it all to Julie Keeton who pointed me in the right direction when I hit a wall with insurance, and she guided me to find the right charity.  And of course a HUGE Thank You to First Hand and Stephanie Keck for blessing us and approving us.  Your gift has opened up doors and given Caelen the freedom to become more mobile.  From the bottom of my heart Thank you!

So, Happy Birthday to Julie Keeton and I, and to our boys, I wish you both the gifts of health and life :)

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  1. Happy Birthday Katye! May all your wishes come true! God Bless!