Friday, March 27, 2015


know I haven't updated since FL GA Line concert, but those of you on FB have watched Caelen's updates, so I'm only partly behind.  Speaking of, if you haven't already seen, I created a FB page just for Caelen it's called Super Caelen, check it out:

I'm a strong believer that everything happens for a reason, and everything happens when it's supposed to. You can't force things, and the more you try, the more the universe rebels against you. But when the timing is right, God and the Universe show you the most amazing opportunities. People come into your life when you need them most, especially when you need help, but just don't know how to go about it. 

Take for example my sister Jennifer's colleague, and now our good friend, Troy Rice. We met him almost 2 years ago visiting for the summer. He had heard about Caelen's struggles after Caelen's last surgery through Jen.  Troy came over to meet us, and a bond was formed, especially with Troy being an adult CHD survivor.  Troy asked us to fundraise with him for the American Heart Association Palm Beach Heart Walk, and the rest is history. 

Through Troy, we met Jennifer, Beth and Ashley at the AHA who asked us to speak with Troy in January at their CEO breakfast, where we met the Chairman of a local charity, amongst others. I've now been honored twice by the Palm Beach County AHA at luncheons where I've been able to share Caelen's story and spread awareness.  A ginormous thank you to all that have donated to the AHA on Caelen's behalf. It's because of your donations that Caelen and I have gotten to attend these AHA events. 

Fast forward to tonight, and Caelen and I were at a fundraiser for the local charity, Bellas's Angels, with that Chairman, and had the opportunity to speak again, and meet new friends, as well as to meet one very important person that can help Caelen with his education. 

Three weeks ago I felt I was going to have to fight another uphill battle with the   school board again.  And I'm not saying that it won't still be a battle, but tonight I met a person who can help facilitate the decisions for Caelen that will make our lives so much easier, and hopefully get Caelen the education he deserves. 

Life is all about timing, prayer and patience. There is always a plan, but you can't force it. And when you are ready to receive your guidance and gifts, God and the Universe open your eyes to them.

There are even more exciting things on the horizon for Super Caelen, including working with Make a Wish to hopefully get Caelen out to California to see Radiator Springs at Disneyland, but I can't reveal everything just yet.  Nothing is finalized and the Universe has some kinks to work out. But I promise to share once things are a go. 

I do however want to say a huge thank you to the friend who has been behind a lot of the awesome things hat Caelen has gotten to experience. I don't want to blow her cover yet, but she knows who she is. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, and we love you more than you will ever know. 

And just for good measure, here's some long overdue photos. 


Katye & Caelen

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  1. He looks like such a big boy! You are an amazing advocate and we love you guys <3 PS I hope you get to go to Radiator Springs!!!