Tuesday, April 24, 2012

School Pictures

Why I love my child:

The above photos from his school picture day should be explanation enough.  Look at his face as he slowly melts down.  I couldn't have laughed harder when I saw these proofs yesterday.  Pics like these make me proud to be his mom.  Aunt Morgan suggested buying the last 2 for his senior yearbook photo page, and I think she's brilliant!

Aside from not liking picture day, Caelen is no longer the good baby that sat still for ultrasounds, ear checks, echos, exams, etc.  He is now a full on toddler that does not like to be messed with.  He kicks, hits, screams and folds up to prevent anyone from touching him.  And heaven forbid you don't have wifi in your office and Caelen can't play the games and videos he wants on his ipad.  I call it his ipad, because let's face it, I can never use it around him.  It has become a diaper bag essential for all appointments and I have to pre-book it with Martin when I know we'll need it. 

Other than being a typical toddler, Caelen is doing well in school.  He goes full days 3 times a week and has therapies the other 2.  He is still in with the under 2 set and I hope that he can move up to the 2 year olds before he turns 3.  That would be a little weird having a 3 year old in with the 1's. 

I met with Infants & Toddlers yesterday at a local elementary school to tour their ECI program.  ECI is early childhood intervention.  Interesting that there was only 1 girl in the class and the rest boys.  That just reinforces my opinion that girls are more mature than boys ;)  But I digress.  Depending on the results of his June cath and Fontan surgery date, Caelen will start in the ECI program in the fall.  They have several therapists to work with the kids so he'd be getting his therapy in school instead of at home.  He'd also be able to watch his peers and learn and develop from them.  It was a neat program and we are lucky to have several close by. 

I will say that I am a little worried because Caelen will be the smallest in the class.  They all have different needs, and Caelen will be the only one with HLHS and chronic lung disease.  As a result, they are all taller and growing at a more normal place.  Caelen is still small for his age, ranking in the 10% for height.  I spoke with our cardiologist about it today, and she said that most single ventricle patients are on the smaller side.  Hopefully he'll have a growth spurt, and after the Fontan he'll probably develop a little quicker too with increased oxygenation.

Caelen is trying hard to sound out more words, and doing a much better job at repeating words when asked.  His 2 favorite words are Gabba (Yo Gabba Gabba) and iPad.  Great, aren't they?  lol.  He says these 2 words more than he says mom and dad.  But he will repeat commands that I yell at the dog, those ones make laugh.

We had a nice Easter and Caelen mostly behaved in church.  And we just had a fun visit with my dad and we did several train themed activities including the B&O Train museum in Baltimore.  Thank you to our good friend Finn for suggesting this.  Below are a few recent photos from Easter and this weekend.  I am going to have to break out the new camera a little more, it takes great pictures as long as I actually use it.

Love, Katye, Martin & Caelen

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  1. Great pictures! My favorite is the frowny face (bottom left.) Maren pulls that face every once in a while-- usually when she knows she's done something really bad-- and I can never stop myself from laughing. I end up hysterically laughing while Maren is hysterically crying. Awesome.

    I"m excited for Caelen to start that program at school. Maren's finishing up her second year of it and she and I both love it.