Wednesday, December 21, 2011

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both...

Ahhh, the Facts of Life.  I wish Caelen's saga would wrap itself up neatly in a half hour program.

We started the day with a nasty rash on his head, face, neck and torso.  Off to the pediatrician we went again.  We've literally been there every other day for a week and a half.  The bad news is that his ear infections are not responding to the new antibiotic and Caelen is also allergic to it.  So we are going to try a third antibiotic, Augmentin extra strength.  I'm happy that this will supposedly work, but it is hell on his stomach and bum.  He also got pink eye again, 3rd one now.  Woo hoo!  Isn't there a prize that should be given to the kids and parents for surviving so much crap in 2 weeks?!?

Oh yes, the prize...I can't always be doom and gloom.  We saw the nephrologist this afternoon for our 6 month follow up and got great news.  Caelen's kidneys are doing better and the venous pressures are dropping.  The Dr. said that he actually has good kidneys, there was just a lot of congestion surrounding them.  And as we continue to wean off of the diuretics, we should continue to see improvement.  We are heading in the right direction, and I literally started crying when the Dr. told me this.  Finally, some much needed good news.  We do not have to add another medication to our regimen as was thought 6 months ago. 

I am hoping to not have to update again until Christmas with photos of Caelen playing with boxes and toys thrown aside.  In that hope, I wish you all Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Happy everything :)

Love, Katye, Martin & Caelen


  1. No fun! We will be praying that the third antibiotic does the trick and he feels better by Christmas.

  2. Get better quickly Caelen! Lots of fun toys await you!