Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Update

This will be a quick update, but we ended up back in the ER Sunday night.  Caelen's g-tube came out again and this time I couldn't get it back in, so off to the new local children's ER we went.  I was surprised at how many children were in the ER Easter Sunday.  The staff said they had been busy all day, while the adult ER was pretty much empty.  What was going on - too much chocolate?  Egg hunts gone awry?  Skateboarding in the church parking lot?  It was weird.  Anyway...

My real reason for wanting to update is Caelen's newest "trick."  I mentioned that he can roll onto his tummy and prop himself up into a sitting position.  Well, he's mastered that one.  I put him down yesterday for a nap on the floor in his room (weird I know, but that's what he likes), go downstairs to start cleaning and I see him on the monitor playing with toys across the room.  I go back up there, lay him back down and proceed to clean upstairs.  All seems quiet, he's in the same position, then I hear his door close.  I try to get in and he has gotten back up and is on the other side pushing against me so I can't get in.  As soon as I do get in, Caelen goes into his crib and then went to sleep.  It was weird watching him nap in his crib which he hasn't done since August, but hey, desperate times.  It also took me 3 trips back upstairs at bedtime last night because he rolled over and got stuck.  Ahhh, the start of something new, lol.

Well, he's waking up, so I should beat him to the punch.  Have a great day!

Love, Katye, Martin & Caelen

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